Oui, Bastille Days.

It’s here. Bastille Days. 


We’re talking about Milwaukee’s popular French festival and one of the nation’s largest French-themed celebrations. It also happens to be Father Marquette’s favorite event of the year (I personally like Summerfest, but the guys is French or something). 

The free, four-day bash has live music, an international marketplace, chef and wine demos, French and Cajun cuisine, roaming busker entertainment and a signature 43-foot Eiffel Tower replica offering hourly light shows.

Essentially, a little France. The festival attracts thousands of visitors annually, so we sat down to chat with Father Marquette to get some insight on the bumpin’ festival. 


Hello again, Father. 


Yea, I meant bonjour. Anyway, tell us about the festival. 

It’s a French festival down in Cathedral Square honoring the French Bastille Day, which commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille in 1789. 

Ahhhh! So the Storm the Bastille 5K run on the first night is supposed to be like the one in France so long ago?

Oui, with a lot less blood.

Uh, I’d hope. What do you recommend we do at the festival?

Eat and drink wine. So much food and plenty of wine testings


All good things, Father. How about for the non-21 crowd?

Oh, c’est vrai. There is live music, four stages actually. There is also a Mardi Gras parade on Friday and Saturday, complete with beads. 



Now let’s talk food. What are we working with?

French classics, of course. Beignets (french doughnuts), cajun food, créme brûlée, and more. There is also other food, like cheeseburgers and tacos.  

Nothing says French like cheeseburgers and tacos, am I right? This seems like a blast, Father. One final question…

I’m still not following you on social media. 


Everyone else can follow me, though. Give me a shout-out on Twitter if you’re around Bastille Days. It’ll make me happy. 

Bastille Days is this weekend and will go until July 13th. Be sure to stop by and have some good fun. Check out their website for more information.

-Cesar Gomez

Summerfest: Go For Free


Photo found on Milwaukee Magazine.


In case you haven’t heard, Summerfest  released the 2014 list of admissions promotions. If you play your cards right, you just could experience every day of the world’s largest music festival cheap, or even better, free. 

Some of this year’s promotions include:

Friday, June 27: KAPCO “Go Red” Day with the Wisconsin Badgers and the BIG 920, noon until 3 p.m. All patrons wearing a red shirt will receive one free admission ticket. Starting at 5 p.m. on June 27, the first 5,000 patrons will also receive one pair of U.S. Cellular/Summerfest Ear Buds and Case.

Sunday, June 29: Kohl’s Family Day, noon until 3 p.m. or while supplies last. The first 2,500 patrons who donate three non-perishable food items for kids will receive one free admission ticket. 

Friday, July 4: Mountain Dew Day, noon until 3 p.m. or while supplies last. The first 2,500 patrons who present a specially marked Mountain Dew can with the Summerfest offer on the can will receive one free weekday admission ticket. 

Check out the rest of the 2014 list of admissions promotions here

Note: All admission deal exchanges take place at the Mid-Gate promotions tent between the hours of noon and 3 p.m. unless indicated otherwise.

For more specific info on admissions deals, special promotions, lineups, show schedules, a list of food vendors, and all things Summerfest, visit the website here

-Cesar Gomez

@FatherMarquette Explores

The Public Market, Third Ward, Harley Davidson Museum, Hank Aaron State Trail, and the Menomonee River Valley were just a few of the places Father Marquette explored this weekend. 

Where did you explore? 

MKE Downtown Dining Week: Save money, eat well


Downtown Dining Week begins this Thursday, June 5 and will feature 40 top notch restaurants who will serve three-course menus at lunch for $12.50 and dinner for $25 or $35. You can take advantage through June 12.

Instead of another round of Qdoba or Papa Johns, venture outside campus and explore some of Milwaukee’s best places to chow down. The normal price value for most of the featured meals average around $35-50. 

Trouble deciding where to go? Try some of my personal favorites picks:

  •  Smoke Shack: Featuring some prime BBQ, make sure to try the pulled pork sandwich. No worries vegetarians, they got you covered as well. 
  • Milwaukee’s Chophouse: Take advantage of the discount price for some prime steak and killer dessert. 
  • The Loaded Slate: This place offers some more traditional American comfort food. They also have a killer selection of unique offerings, like the Sconnie burger and Bronze Fonz cheese curds.
  • Benihana: This is the place for sushi lovers. They also offer several other traditional Japanese dishes, something for everyone to enjoy. 

For a look at the participating restaurants and the featured menus for each, visit the Downtown Dining Week website here

-Cesar Gomez

Jazz in the Park: the prime music festival of Milwaukee

Photo from Jazz in the Park’s Facebook page

Milwaukee hosts several epic festivals and music concerts throughout the summer, so it’s no surprise that the world’s largest music festival is held in the heart of the city. However, while the world raves about Summerfest, it’s Jazz in the Park that should really take the top award.

What’s not to love about a free show? Jazz in the Park, an outdoor, summer music festival series, features a killer lineup of jazz, big band, funk, R & B, reggae, blues and more. Performers come from all over the country. It’s also FREE.

Its relaxed; hometown-vibe makes it a favorite among the Milwaukee community. Most of the musical acts specialize in; you guessed it, jazz so the whole park is filled with energy and good times. While dancing is more than welcome, it’s not uncommon to see festival-goers lounge around the park enjoying a picnic and a nice glass of wine, a Jazz in the Park tradition.

The fest offers a laid-back version of the Summerfest experience. It’s a great place for a first date with that special gal, the perfect excuse to spend the evening outside, a sweet spot to kick back with some friends, and a FREE way to catch some amazing acts.  Also, did I mention it was FREE?

Concerts take place Thursday evenings, 5pm-9pm from June 5 through September 4, in Cathedral Square Park. Before heading over, consider these tips:

Get there early.

The festival averages a few thousand visitors per week.  Get there early for prime spots. Plus, it’ll give you some time to scope out the vendors. 

Bring the essentials.

It’s an outdoor show, so gear up with lawn chairs, blankets, and, depending how the weather is like for the night, a light sweater or a portable fan.

Don’t forget food.

Nothing says music festival like some good food. While some incredible food vendors will be around, make a stop at the grocery store for snacks. Better yet, take the time to set up a nice picnic basket. You’ll be the envy of the entire park.

Grab a friend, kick back with a glass in hand, and enjoy some tunes at one of the staples of a Milwaukee summer.

For more info on the festival and the 2014 festival lineup, visit the Jazz in the Park website.

 See you June 5, friends.  

-Cesar Gomez


This photograph is from one of my favorite experiences while traveling abroad in Europe. Being a lover of mountains and coming from the flat landscape that is Illinois, I always dreamed of seeing the Alps. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to see them in Germany. When I took this photograph, the moment was surreal. We had spent most of the day hiking with cloudy conditions nearby Lake Konigssee. When we were about to catch the ferry back across the lake, the sun started coming out and just changed the scene. This photograph was the result of a moment that I will always remember.

I can’t believe that this is already my 200th post. It feels like I just started my blog yesterday and it’s just astonishing to see how much it has grown! Thanks all of my followers for all the support that you guys have shown me and helped me grow along the way, I really appreciate it! I’m so happy to be sharing my passion with all of you! 

See more of advertising major danielalfonzo's marquetteglobal experience on his blog: http://danielalfonzo.tumblr.com/ 

Off campus study spots

It’s that time of the year again… finals. When Club Raynor is packed to capacity, Cudahy’s hidden tables become taken, and the Brew’s seating gone since early morning it seems as if everyone is cramming for class and a space to study. With so many students hitting the books at once, now is the time to take advantage of the many coffee houses in Milwaukee and find your new off campus escape. Make your studying session adventurous by exploring the local scene more while diving deep into the books. 

Stone Creek Coffee 

Located near the Amtrak station, this warm and inviting coffee house is nearby campus, but cleverly tucked away from first sight. 


Colectivo Coffee

Nationally recognized and formerly known as Alterra, Colectivo Coffee has an array of locations and environments that allow your ideas to wander freely. The nearest location is in the Third Ward, nearby My Yo My Frozen Yogurt. 


Photo by Lauren Holman

Anodyne Coffee

Another local favorite that’s craft in coffee has caught the eye and attention of the nation. Anodyne Coffee offers a very warm and inviting atmosphere, but is tucked away to most on campus. Located in the Bay View neighborhood, it might be a bit tricky to swing via bus. 


Photo from thedailymeal.com

Yo Factory Frozen Yogurt 

Not necessarily your first choice coffee house, Yo Factory Frozen Yogurt offers a bright and bubbly study environment for those that want to taste the sweeter side of life while hitting the books. Only 15 minutes away from campus when taking the 30 bus, Yo Factory is true studying treat!


Photo from nicholaskrusick.com 


If coffee isn’t really your thing then try enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and smells of Milwaukee’s tea house, Rochambo. Located on Brady Street, it is a quick 15 minute ride from campus and an escape from the college bubble scene. They are also open until midnight for those who might need a little more time to work. 


Photo from tripadvisor.com 

-Lauren Holman 

Hipsters in the Heartland


There is something to be desired about living in a city that doesn’t always meet some people’s definition of “mainstream” fame.

Milwaukee is that city.

Sometimes, though, we don’t do enough to take advantage enough of our urban playground. Living in a campus bubble can be constraining. 

So this guide will help you think beyond campus, the Third Ward and Water Street. 

Whether its grabbing bloodies at Cafe Centraal, watching a movie at the Oriental Theater, seeing a Ten Buck Show at Turner Hall, or just roaming around through the East Side, Milwaukee provides endless opportunities.

Milwaukee’s best kept secrets are the city’s biggest treasures.

The following are spots to check out that aren’t necessarily the trendiest, but give a student a true taste for Milwaukee’s unique vibe.

Bike Shops

Milwaukee is a city that makes it easy for anyone to get around via public transportation or car, but why take in the city from only a window’s view? The best way to explore and see the city is that from a bike, take in Milwaukee’s scenery without any limitations. With the weather warming up, hit the trials and get out there and explore. 

Truly Spoken Cycles


Photo from onmilwaukee.com. 

Crank Daddy’s 


Photo by Tim Cigelske 

Cory the Bike Fixer


Photo from yelp.com


Milwaukee’s music scene is uncanny to that of any other midwest city. The city has a variety of concert halls and venues, not to mention an 11-day festival in the summer. Milwaukee has spoiled me by alluring my favorite artists and allowing me to see them up close and personal. If it wasn’t for living in the city, I highly doubt that I would have been able to see 35 acts including Volcano Choir, Mumford and Sons, Little Green Cars, and the Head and the Heart. 

Turner Hall and Pabst Theater 


Photo by Lauren Holman - Little Green Cars live at Turner Hall. 

Oriental Theater


Photo by Lauren Holman 

Bay View Bowl


Photo by Lauren Holman 

Restaurants and coffee shops 

If you are really looking to venture off into the land of hipsteria try the east side area on North Ave and Bay View. Both neighborhoods offer a lively vibe, but different accommodations to the hipster wanderer. The East Side is perfect for the artsy, social type. If you are looking to explore a more quiet and quaint corner of the city, I recommend the Bay View area. Although difficult to get on bus, it has a very welcoming atmosphere and promising of discovery. 

Transfer Pizza 


Photo from epressmilwaukee.com 

Beans and Barley


Photo from onmilwaukee.com 

Hi-Fi Cafe


Photo by Tim Cigelske

Honey Pie


Photo by Tim Cigelske

Bars and Pubs

There is a world outside of Caffery’s and Murphy’s. I promise. In a city that is nicknamed Brew City, the possibilities are endless when it comes to nightlife entertainment. 

Hotel Foster


Photo from onmilwaukee.com

Boone and Crockett


Photo from milwaukeemag.com

Cafe Centraal


Photo from lowlandsgroup.com

NOTE: Sure, it’s a bit of a contradiction to promote hipster-friendly places. But we’re not declaring any of these places OVER! It’s important to recognize the business owners of Milwaukee. Hipsters and the rest of us can get along.

-Lauren Holman

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Three minutes can encompass so much more than you would imagine.

Inspired by Saturday Night Live’s Brooks Wheelan and his 365 video, I challenged myself to a similar project. I made a vine every day for a month to show a little slice of my Marquette experience. I am a senior, so that means my time here is ending way too soon. I wanted to create a little keepsake to remind myself of what my life has been like here.

My month has included some unforgettable moments, such as working the Marquette premiere of Danny Pudi’s “Untucked” and co-leading a service trip down to Nashville. Other moments were pretty forgettable, such as making breakfast or unlocking the door to my apartment. 

Regardless of the moment, it is amazing to see how many memories can be packed into three minutes. It shows how much can happen in a month. I’m going to get really sappy here, but it puts into perspective how much can happen in four years.

Call it second-semester senior nostalgia, but recording a few seconds of my day taught me to always look for the best in my day-to-day life at Marquette. I encourage everyone to do the same, because your time here flies by in what seems like seconds. You don’t even have to film it.

Just live it. 

- Brynne Ramella