Exploring “the Domes”


Back during my McCormick days, I would often spot the three large domes in the distance. No one could tell me what they were and eventually weekday nights were spent with my floormates arguing what could possibly be inside those fascinating buildings.

Just kidding, we Google’d it. But I had never visited and I was curious to see “the Domes” for myself. So, my friend Angelica and I decided to check them out.


Officially known as the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, the Domes opened to the public in 1899 as public gardens. The actual dome buildings weren’t built until the 1950’s and have since florished in size.

So what’s in the Domes?


Plenty of vegetation. Each dome resembles a different climate/environment so as to house plants and trees that wouldn’t normally survive in good ol’ Wisconsin climate.

They have a tropical domes, for instance.


And a bunch of common desert plants. (Looks just like Texas!)


The Domes are a great place to kick-back, relax, and think things over. Admission is relatively cheap, but they offer free admission every Monday from 9 am to noon to Milwaukee residents (an MUID should do the trick).

Need somewhere to host a party or social? The Domes offer space rentals for any get together and they fix up the place pretty well.

Learn more about the Domes and what they have to offer here.

-Cesar Gomez