Hipsters in the Heartland


There is something to be desired about living in a city that doesn’t always meet some people’s definition of “mainstream” fame.

Milwaukee is that city.

Sometimes, though, we don’t do enough to take advantage enough of our urban playground. Living in a campus bubble can be constraining. 

So this guide will help you think beyond campus, the Third Ward and Water Street. 

Whether its grabbing bloodies at Cafe Centraal, watching a movie at the Oriental Theater, seeing a Ten Buck Show at Turner Hall, or just roaming around through the East Side, Milwaukee provides endless opportunities.

Milwaukee’s best kept secrets are the city’s biggest treasures.

The following are spots to check out that aren’t necessarily the trendiest, but give a student a true taste for Milwaukee’s unique vibe.

Bike Shops

Milwaukee is a city that makes it easy for anyone to get around via public transportation or car, but why take in the city from only a window’s view? The best way to explore and see the city is that from a bike, take in Milwaukee’s scenery without any limitations. With the weather warming up, hit the trials and get out there and explore. 

Truly Spoken Cycles


Photo from onmilwaukee.com. 

Crank Daddy’s 


Photo by Tim Cigelske 

Cory the Bike Fixer


Photo from yelp.com


Milwaukee’s music scene is uncanny to that of any other midwest city. The city has a variety of concert halls and venues, not to mention an 11-day festival in the summer. Milwaukee has spoiled me by alluring my favorite artists and allowing me to see them up close and personal. If it wasn’t for living in the city, I highly doubt that I would have been able to see 35 acts including Volcano Choir, Mumford and Sons, Little Green Cars, and the Head and the Heart. 

Turner Hall and Pabst Theater 


Photo by Lauren Holman - Little Green Cars live at Turner Hall. 

Oriental Theater


Photo by Lauren Holman 

Bay View Bowl


Photo by Lauren Holman 

Restaurants and coffee shops 

If you are really looking to venture off into the land of hipsteria try the east side area on North Ave and Bay View. Both neighborhoods offer a lively vibe, but different accommodations to the hipster wanderer. The East Side is perfect for the artsy, social type. If you are looking to explore a more quiet and quaint corner of the city, I recommend the Bay View area. Although difficult to get on bus, it has a very welcoming atmosphere and promising of discovery. 

Transfer Pizza 


Photo from epressmilwaukee.com 

Beans and Barley


Photo from onmilwaukee.com 

Hi-Fi Cafe


Photo by Tim Cigelske

Honey Pie


Photo by Tim Cigelske

Bars and Pubs

There is a world outside of Caffery’s and Murphy’s. I promise. In a city that is nicknamed Brew City, the possibilities are endless when it comes to nightlife entertainment. 

Hotel Foster


Photo from onmilwaukee.com

Boone and Crockett


Photo from milwaukeemag.com

Cafe Centraal


Photo from lowlandsgroup.com

NOTE: Sure, it’s a bit of a contradiction to promote hipster-friendly places. But we’re not declaring any of these places OVER! It’s important to recognize the business owners of Milwaukee. Hipsters and the rest of us can get along.

-Lauren Holman

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Marquette’s Course Registration: SUMMER EDITION!


It’s the time of year where Marquette students spend hours on Snapshot and CheckMarq to find the perfect schedule. We all strive to avoid those dreaded early morning classes, so consider taking a course or two over the summer. 

Not only can you get ahead of the game, you get to spend summer in Milwaukee. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Consider some of these options to lighten your course work during the academic year: 

PHIL 2310 - Theory of Ethics 

  • What it fulfills: We all need to take two philosophy classes. Fortunately, more classes were opened since it was so popular.  Why not get comfy with some Aristotle at Bradford Beach and knock out this graduation requirement?
  • Pre-req: PHIL 1001, Philosophy of Human Nature 

HIST 1501 - Survey of East Asia

  • What if fulfills: It takes care of your university core history requirement AND a diverse cultures requirement. You can also take care of some history homework at an outside cafe over at the HISTORIC Third Ward. See what I did there?
  • Pre-req: None, anyone can get their history on. 


Basic Intro Courses:

Consider taking: PURE 1800, ADVE 1400, SPAN 1001/1002, THEO 1001, PSYC 1001, PHYS 1001, and many more!

  • What it fulfills: Check with your college, but most of these courses are required in the curriculum of several majors. Many also count for university core requirements. Take advantage of the opportunity and leave some room open in the fall for naps.  

THEO 2500 - Theology, Violence, and Nonviolence

  • What it fulfills:It takes care of the Theology core curriculum, which requires us to take at least two during our time at Marquette. Plus, this class focuses on violence (ironic, we know). 
  •  Pre-req: Theo 1001. You know, the basics. 

COSC 1000 - Intro to Computer Science

  • What if fulfills:Mathematical reasoning, another core curriculum requirement. It’s a different choice for someone who is looking for a new way to apply some math skills. 
  • Pre-req: None, though you will need specific programs on your computer. 

COMM 1100 - Contemporary Presentation

  • What it fulfills:It’s a speech class, so it will count towards a Rhetoric requirement in the core curriculum that English usually fulfills. Instead of taking another English class, get some practice practicing your speech skills. Who knows, you could be asked to present an artist over at Summerfest. 
  • Pre-req: You do need ENGL 1001, though. Gotta learn the basics before you go addressing the world.  


SOCI 2200 - The Family 

  • What if fulfills:The perfect chance to understand why your siblings annoy you. Plus, it takes care of the Individual & Social Behavior in the core curriculum. Double win!!
  • Pre-req: None, because ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. 

Not totally convinced? Visit the Summer Studies page for more info.

For some added knowledge, learn more about the core curriculum here and for more class options this summer, visit Marquette Snapshot.

Already started your schedule but looking to add more classes? You’re in luck. View sections that have been recently added in the last 14 days

Got any other interesting courses we should know about? Let us know. 

-Cesar Gomez

Three minutes can encompass so much more than you would imagine.

Inspired by Saturday Night Live’s Brooks Wheelan and his 365 video, I challenged myself to a similar project. I made a vine every day for a month to show a little slice of my Marquette experience. I am a senior, so that means my time here is ending way too soon. I wanted to create a little keepsake to remind myself of what my life has been like here.

My month has included some unforgettable moments, such as working the Marquette premiere of Danny Pudi’s “Untucked” and co-leading a service trip down to Nashville. Other moments were pretty forgettable, such as making breakfast or unlocking the door to my apartment. 

Regardless of the moment, it is amazing to see how many memories can be packed into three minutes. It shows how much can happen in a month. I’m going to get really sappy here, but it puts into perspective how much can happen in four years.

Call it second-semester senior nostalgia, but recording a few seconds of my day taught me to always look for the best in my day-to-day life at Marquette. I encourage everyone to do the same, because your time here flies by in what seems like seconds. You don’t even have to film it.

Just live it. 

- Brynne Ramella 

The Quest for Fish Begins!


Father Marquette asked the members of the Marquette family where their favorite Friday fish fry spot was in Milwaukee. Thanks to the responses, we started compiling this list with your suggestions. 

Turner Hall


Photo from c.eblastengine.com 

Lakefront Brewery 


Photo from onmilwaukee.com

Serb Hall


Photo from roadfood.com

Comet Cafe


Photo from fishfryguide.com

Upper 90


Photo from fridayfishfry.com



Photo from Facebook.com

Cafe Centraal


Photo from fridayfishfry.com

Kegel’s Inn


Photo from fridayfishfry.com



Photo from fridayfishfry.com 

Old German Beer Hall 


Photo from media.jrn.com.

Horny Goat Hideaway


Photo from fridayfishfry.com

The Fugees Do Fundraising


The Studio 013 Refugees’s monthly improv shows have become a staple at Marquette. But, the Fugees are adding a new aspect to tomorrow’s show – fundraising for a good cause.

The improv troupe will share the stage with Marquette grad, comedian and former Fugee Johnny Beehner to raise money for the Beehner-Hackett Memorial endowed scholarship.

The scholarship provides money for students who have had a parent pass away during their time at Marquette. Beehner’s mother, Teena Gasior Beehner, and his uncle, Pat Hackett, founded the scholarship.

Both founders of the scholarship experienced the loss of a spouse while their children were attending Marquette.

Ms. Beehner said explained what the scholarship means to her:

“In 1997, my husband suddenly passed away at the age of 49. He left me with 7 children. Both my husband and I graduated from Marquette and loved it. When he died, my daughter was a sophomore at Marquette. I had no idea how we were going to get her through the next semester. But, one of her friends talked to one of the Jesuits and they found money for her room and board. Since then we have been able to graduate all the children. Five graduated from Marquette. I had always hoped to do something to give back to Marquette for all they have done for us.

When my youngest son was a senior at MU dental school, my sister-in-law Pat (Beehner) Hackett passed away. She has two children who are students at MU. So, since all my children were on their own, I decided we would try to establish a scholarship for anyone who loses a parent while they are a student at Marquette.

That way, they would not have to go through the additional grief of wondering if they would be able to continue with their education. Thus, the Beehner-Hackett Memorial endowed scholarship was born. If we can spare just one student every year the need to drop out of college our scholarship is worth it. The loss of a parent is bad enough without having to deal with the loss of an education.”

Ms. Beehner said they have five years to raise $50,000 to have their scholarship become endowed and keep giving. The Fugees are helping to see that through.

The show is tomorrow night, March 21, in Todd Wehr Chemistry 100 at 8 p.m. The show is free, but has a suggested $5 donation to go towards the scholarship.

25 years of Hunger Clean-Up


Photo from Hunger Clean-Up’s Facebook page

Have you signed up yet for Milwaukee’s largest day of service? Join us for Hunger Clean-Up on April 26.

Hunger Clean-Up brings more than 1,500 Milwaukee residents together to fight hunger and homelessness in Milwaukee.

Hunger Clean-Up will have a 25th anniversary dinner in the AMU Ballrooms on March 27 at 6 p.m.

More than 250 Milwaukee companies, organizations, students, faculty members and Hunger Clean-Up alumni will be in attendance.

“It’s a celebratory event and a look back to past years,” says Emily Runnoe, Hunger Clean-Up’s marketing co-coordinator.

Runnoe volunteered at the event last year and was inspired to help lead the event this year. She hopes students will challenge themselves and feel inspired to leave their comfort zones.

“We come together as a Marquette community and bridge the gap between (Marquette and) Milwaukee,” Runnoe says.

Danielle Schiestle, Hunger Clean-Up’s marketing co-coordinator, believes that the day is about “being a catalyst for change.” She hopes the event inspires more students to get involved in the Milwaukee community beyond Marquette.

“Without Milwaukee, Marquette wouldn’t be here,” says Schiestle, Hunger Clean-Up’s marketing co-coordinator. “Let’s pop the Marquette bubble and learn about where we live.”


Lenten Lunch at Marquette University:
Seeking non-meat lunch options for Lent? Try some of my favorites at Marquette University.

  • Grilled Veggie Wrap ($6.95) from the Broken Yolk
    Cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes and spinach served in a wrap (or French bread). Two locations near campus.

  • Friday Fish Fry ($11) from the Lunda Room
    Friday-only buffet of beer battered cod, baked cod, cole slaw, soup, vegetables and roasted potatoes. (The Lunda Room is in Marquette University’s Alumni Memorial Union.)

  • Seafood Sub ($5 for 7.5”) from Cousins Subs
    Seafood salad seasoned with lemon pepper, lettuce, onions and tomatoes on your choice of bread. (Cousins Subs is located at 16th and Wisconsin Avenue.)

  • Florentine Panini ($7) from Tory Hill Cafe
    Marinated portabella mushroom, fresh mozzarella, tomato and spinach on grilled focaccia. (Visit Tory Hall Cafe inside Marquette University’s Eckstein Hall.)


And you thought you had the great view.

Milwaukee at night.